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I like my sports. Playing cricket, golf, tennis etc…, and having a sore back restricted what I could do. Lynn has helped me build and strengthen not only my back muscles, but the rest  of my body. Also I have better flexibility and a quicker recovery from soreness after playing cricket. - SHANE

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I commenced Pilates with Lynn in 2011, almost one year after having both knees replaced. After trying physio and the gym, I resorted to giving Pilates on Northlakes a chance to see if my movement could improve. I am very pleased to say, it was the best decision I could make. My movement in both legs has significantly improved and the degree of bend in the knees has also improved. The comparison of “before and after” is really dramatic. - FLORA

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I have complex head neck and jaw issues and couldn't exercise without neck pain. Working with Lynn over the past years has seen me achieve amazing results. Lynn fine tunes everything to suit my particular needs. Now I can do exercises I never thought possible without the pain and my posture has improved dramatically. As a result I am getting stronger, more flexible and confident in my self. - MARILYN 

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I have been attending Pilates sessions with Lynn for a couple of years now  due to Hyperlordosis in my lower back. What Lynn has taught me in Pilates has been life changing for me. I am now not in pain every day and for that I am so greatful. - LINDA D

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Signing up for Pilates with Lynn has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I had tried a number of therapies and exercise programs to help my chronic neck, thoracic, shoulder and knee issues without much success. My pain levels and function improved and I was back to the activities I loved sooner than expected. - KATRINA

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I have become more aware and in tune with my body through proper breathing and gentle yet challenging exercises. My posture, flexibility and strength have improved under the excellent guidance of Lynn . I have not needed my chiropractic treatment since starting . MARGARET